Are you organizing
a trip to Italy?

Whatever the reason is for staying in our country, every foreign citizen must prepare their valid travel document or passport, return ticket, entry permit or residence permit. But in addition, before arriving in Italy, you will have the obligation to stipulate healthcare insurance and, in some cases, even a bank guaranty policy.

The obligation of health insurance for foreign citizens has been regulated by the European legislation which has established that all foreign citizens applying for an entry permit or residence permit for staying Italy, must demonstrate, to the Italian Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin, to have stipulated healthcare insurance to guarantee coverage of any sudden medical expenses that the foreigner could incur during their stay.


Entry or residence Permit?

Non-European foreign citizen

Verify that your passport has a residual validity of at least 6 months.
If your stay is less than 90 days, you may need an entry permit.

If your stay exceeds 90 continuous days, regardless of your country of origin, you will need to apply for a residence permit with the same duration and reason as those indicated on the entry permit, within 8 working days of your arrival in Italy.


European Union citizen

You do not need an entry permit or a residence permit but your identity card, valid for expatriation, is sufficient. However, after 90 days from your arrival, if you want to stay in Italy, you will need to apply for Registration in the Municipality where you live.



Information for residents



Bank Guaranty? Why can it be useful.

A bank guaranty demonstrates the availability, established by the Ministry of the Interior Directive on the 1st of March 2000, of financial resources necessary for economic support during their stay in Italy. It is one of the useful documents for Non-European Union citizens to grant entry permits and residence permits in Italy. HOW TO GET IT >>