Residence permit for study purposes requested by non-European Union citizens.

The residence permit for study purposes is regulated by art. 39 Legislative Decree No. 286/98 and subsequent mod.; Articles. 44 bis, 45 and 46 Presidential Decree 394/99 and subsequent mod.

For the first issue of the residence permit for study purposes, the student must have the following documents:

  • certification attesting the study course which they will attended, endorsed by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular Representation when issuing the entry permit;
  • documentation certifying the availability of adequate financial resources for the duration of the residence permit;
  • healthcare insurance, valid in Italy, for the duration of the residence permit, against the risk of illness and/or accidents;
  • application filled out and signed by the interested party;
  • photocopy of the complete passport or other equivalent document.

For the renewal of the residence permit, the student must obtain:

Students requiring an entry visa to enroll in an Italian university (study-university permit) must demonstrate that they have a minimum annual availability of € 5,889. This sum is related to the amount for the entire year of the so-called “social allowance”. If the study course is spread over several years, it is sufficient to demonstrate the availability for the first year.

For all other types of permits for study purposes, to know the amount of resources required, one must refer toTable A of the Ministry of the Interior Directive of the 1st of March 2000, which provides for a fixed fee and a daily fee. Consequently, the total amount varies depending on the length of the stay, i.e. the study course.
The Directive of the 1st of March 2000 issued by the Ministry of the Interior established that the demonstration of the financial means can also be shown by means of a bank guaranty policy.

The student in possession of a residence permit for study purposes can carry out a part-time job for a maximum of 20 hours per week with an annual limit of 1,040 hours. The residence permit for study purposes can be renewed only if the entry permit has been issued for the frequency of a multi-year course of study and in any case cannot be renewed for more than three years beyond the duration of the course of study.

The residence permit cannot be used or renewed for the attendance of a study course other than that for which the permit has been granted except for the transit to another faculty granted by the academic authority and access to a university type course undertaken at the end of attendance in Italy or a mid-high level course.

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