Permit of stay for pending employment requested by no european citizens.

The permit of stay for pending employment is regulated by Art. 22, Legislative Decree n. 286/98 and its following modifications; Art 37 DPR 394/99 and its following modifications; Art. 39 Bis 1 Legislative Decree n. 71/2018 and its following modifications.

The permit of stay for pending employment can be requested by no European citizen who has obtained, in Italy, an educational qualification (doctorate, university master, three-year degree/master degree, first/second level academic diploma, or higher technical diploma).

The issued permit of stay, in order to seek employment or to start a business, consistent with the completed training, has a duration of not less than 9 months and not more than 12 months.
The conversion of the permit of stay from study to pending employment must be requested to Questura of the city, where one lives temporarily, through Post Office, filling the appropriate forms (kit), proving a year minimum income not less than the social allowance (€ 5.889) and an insurance policy, valid all over the national territory, that covers illnesses and accidents.

The documents that certify the educational qualification can be shown within 60 days of the request if it is immediately available, but the income must be shown together with the fiscal documents and it can be not only a bank resource.
Moreover, the job loss does not constitute a reason for the denial of the permit of stay of the foreign worker and his/her family. The foreign worker, who has a permit of stay for subordinate work, but loses his/her work, even for voluntary resignation, can be enrolled in the list of unemployed workers for the remaining period of the permit of stay and not less than 6 months.

It is possible to request the permit of stay for pending employment, 30 days before its expiry and no more than its expiry. When the permit of stay is obtained, it is necessary to confirm at the City Hall, within 60 days of the renewal, the usual residence.

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