Are you a Welcome Association Italy member and did you have an accident?

What is Insured

The coverage, valid in case of sudden illness or accident, covers health costs incurred by the Insured Party during hospitalization to a public hospital or for urgent hospital services.

What is NOT insured

Main exclusions are related to:

  • urgent hospital services that are manifestation or direct consequence of pathological situations that arose prior to the signing of the policy, as well as any previous or recurrent illnesses;
  • mental illnesses and mental disorders in general, including neurotic behavior;
  • treatments and operations for the elimination or correction of physical defects and malformations existing prior to the date of stipulation of the policy;
  • dental treatment and periodontal disease;
  • consequences of wars, insurrections, telluric movements or volcanic eruptions;
  • accidents resulting from intentional crimes by the Insured Party (including, however, accidents caused by gross negligence);
  • accidents, sudden illness and intoxications resulting from alcohol abuse, or suffered under the influence of hallucinogens, psychotropic drugs and narcotics, as well as diseases related to the non-therapeutic consumption of psychotropic drugs or narcotics, the abuse of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances;
  • accidents deriving from aerial sports in general or any professional sport preformed;
  • accidents deriving from the participation in non-regulated motor, motorcycling and motorboating races and in related tests and training;
  • operations aimed at correcting deviation of the septum and nasal pyramid, except for those made necessary by accident occurring under the insurance policy, duly and exclusively documented by a first aid certificate and x-ray certifying the fracture of the nasal bones.

What are the limits of the coverage

The guarantee applies exclusively to urgent hospital services provided at a public hospital authorized to admit patients according to requirements of the law and the competent authorities.

What to do in case of an accident

The Insured Party or their beneficiaries must write to the e-mail address:

sending a copy of:

  • entry permit/residence permit or copy of passport with entry stamp if the country of origin is part of international agreements;
  • payment of the premium;
  • hospitalization documentation – including full medical record or first aid report in case of non-hospitalization;
  • invoice with the relative cost (the invoice must be made out exclusively to the insured Party);
  • copy of the medical and expense documentation in the original language and translated into Italian, in case of urgent medical services performed outside Italy in hospitals located in member states that fully apply the provisions of the Schengen Agreement.

Before providing the services, the A.S.L. (Local Healthcare Companies) must ensure that the Insured Party is entitled to obtain assistance, verifying the payment of the premium and the regular authorization to stay in Italy, by checking the entry permit or residence permit.

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