• Legal issues

    The Amount of the Welfare Allowance for 2022

    Welfare benefits are benefits provided to support individuals or families with incomes below certain thresholds: alongside social security benefits, which are financed by contributions from active workers and taxes paid by public and private companies, there coexist, as we have seen, welfare benefits that are earmarked situations of socioeconomic hardship to ensure support for families.
  • Assicurazione

    Digitization in the Insurance World

    For two years now, we have been living in a complicated situation, with fragile balances of both a social and economic nature, due to the continuation of the pandemic, which in every country has once again become a major concern due to the staggering increase in cases caused by the new variants of Covid-19. In the storm caused by the virus, it is complicated to focus on any positive aspects, but as the culture of innovation has always taught, it is precisely in these moments that one must learn from situations and try to benefit from them.