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    Extension of the Flows Decree 2022 and Seasonal Residence Permit

    Every year we hear about the Flows Decree, an act issued by the government that allows thousands of skilled workers to enter Italy after a series of meetings between the Prime Minister, the ministers concerned, and the relevant parliamentary committees. The measure defines maximum quotas for the entry of foreign nationals and refers to the three-year policy document based on immigration policy in the country.
  • The Residence Permit for Minors Under 14 Years of Age

    The debate over granting Italian citizenship to those born in Italy has raged for years. Unfortunately, with no success, there is no conclusion in sight among the various political parties. The  “Ius Soli” draft law proposal grants Italian citizenship to children born in our country. This has always been rejected in the Parliament, due to the clear opposition of a particular political party.
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    Residence Permit for Family Cohesion

    The Residence Permit for family cohesion may be requested by a foreign national residing legally in Italy with a valid Residence Permit. Unlike the Residence Permit for family reunification, which is inherent to family members who are abroad and for which a prerequisite is a request for authorization from the Prefecture, as stipulated by Article 29 of the Consolidated Law on Immigration, for cohesion the clearance document is not required.
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    The Residence Permit for Family Reasons of a Spouse or Parent

    The Residence Permit for family reasons must be requested within eight working days from the date of entry into Italy - which has taken place with a Visa for family reunification - at the Police Headquarters of reference, by sending the appropriate kit from the authorized post offices, containing all of the documents required by law and the application form for the issue of the Residence Permit.
  • The Residence Permit for Special Protection

    Among the various types of Residence Permits provided for by the Italian legal system, there is the Residence Permit for Special Protection, which is issued to asylum seekers who do not qualify for international protection but who, according to the Territorial Commission, are at risk of persecution and torture if returned to their country of origin.
  • The Residence Permit Online

    The Residence Permit is a mandatory document for foreign citizens who do not belong to the European Union and gives them the right to stay legally in Italy. As we know, to obtain it, it is necessary to apply to the Immigration Office and present the documents required by law.