• residence permit

    Flows Decree 2022: Residence Permit Conversion Extended to 31 December

    Every year we hear about the Flows Decree, an act issued by the government that allows thousands of skilled workers to enter Italy. The measure defines the maximum entry quotas for foreign citizens and refers to the three-year policy document based on immigration policy in the country. This year, unlike other years, in which the deadline for applying was first set at the end of June and then on 30 September, the possibility of requesting the conversion of a residence permit was extended to 31 December.
  • Immigration

    Medical Care for Citizens Without a Residence Permit

    Immigration constitutes a test case for Italy to reflect on the effectiveness of the principles established by the Constitution in a universal sense. The presence on our territory of foreign citizens who live and reside here, tests the effectiveness of the principles of inviolability of human rights, solidarity, and equality, enshrined in the first articles of the Constitutional Charter as cornerstone principles of the Republic.
  • health insurance

    Health Coverage for Foreign Nationals in the Schengen Area

    In 1997 Italy, after a process of adaptation to the entry visa policy laid down in the Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement, entered the so-called Schengen Area. The realization of the Schengen Area took place through the strengthening of the external borders (common to all signatory countries) and the gradual elimination of internal border controls, affirming the total freedom of movement of citizens within the territories of the signatory countries.
  • Legal issues

    The Acquisition of Italian Nationality by Marriage

    The term 'citizenship' refers to the relationship that exists between a natural person and the State, with the legal system recognizing full civil and political rights, according to the provisions of Law n° 91/1992. Italian citizenship can be acquired in the following ways: - "Iure sanguinis": in case of birth or if a child is adopted by Italian citizens. - "Iure soli": in the event of birth in the national territory from stateless parents or if the parents are unknown or if the parents cannot transmit their nationality to their child due to a law of the State of origin. - Foreign nationals who have been residents in Italy for at least ten years. - By Marriage.