Single check for children, amount and who is entitled to it

The latest Budget Law provides a single check for families with dependent children. It will be a bonus that will combine the various existing aids for families in a single solution. Its purpose is to meet the needs of families with dependent children under 21, to promote the birth rate, to support parenting and to promote employment, especially for women.

Who is entitled to it?

The single check is aimed at all Italian citizens, those of the European Union and non-EU citizens with long-term residence permit, for work or research, residing in Italy for at least two years, even if not continuous.

The age limit for children is 21 years but for those who have children aged between 18-21, the check is reduced and subject to the following conditions:

  • the child must be enrolled at university or in a school or professional training course.
  • the child is carrying out universal civil service, an internship or a limited work activity that ensures a very low income.

How much?

The amount will have a maximum value of 250 euros. The amount will be calculated basing on the age and number of dependent children, on the conditions of the family unit through the ISEE.

How will it be settled?

The settlement of the check will take place through a tax credit or as a monthly payment of the sum. The benefit can be combined with both the citizenship income and the citizenship pension and is paid together with them. The allowance is also compatible with any cash measures in favor of dependent children provided by the Regions, the autonomous provinces and local authorities.