Scientific research: requirements for obtaining a residence permit

In a world that is now completely globalized and interconnected, more and more people aspire to a higher level of education and consider studying training abroad as a fundamental step in their education: we are talking not only about the university course but, above all, about the post-graduate course. degree, of the so-called scientific research.

What are the access requirements?

Admission for scientific research is not bound to the limit of the “flow decree” as is the case for specialized workers, but the foreign citizen must exist certain requirements:

– Attainment of a qualification that in the country of origin gives the possibility to access PhD programs;

– Not to be considered a threat to public order or state security;

– Not having been convicted of certain crimes, such as drug dealing, aiding and abetting illegal immigration, exploitation of prostitution;

– Not being expelled.

The procedure for obtaining an entry visa

The figure of the researcher is regulated by the Consolidated Law on Immigration, in particular by Art. 27-ter paragraph 1, and is selected from a list kept by the Ministry of Education

This list is valid for five years and provides for the registration of institutes, which may be public or private, that carry out research activities; the minimum financial resources available to the private institution; the obligation of the Institute to meet any costs for the conditions of irregularity of the researcher and, finally, the conditions for the revocation of registration in the aforementioned list.

The researcher and the Institute agree on a Reception Agreement, with which the former undertakes to carry out the research project, while the latter undertakes to give hospitality to the researcher. The Convention establishes the relationship and working conditions, the monthly payments that cannot be less than double the social allowance – -, the costs for the travel of return to the country of origin, the signing of an insurance policy or the obligation for the Institute to arrange for registration with the National Health Service.

The application for clearance is presented to the Single Desk for Immigration at the Prefecture competent for the place where the research is to be carried out. Once the clearance has been obtained, the foreign citizen will be able to apply for a visa (within six months of issuing the document) to the consular authorities abroad.

Once in our country, within eight days of arrival, the researcher must apply for a Residence Permit to the competent Police Headquarters: the qualification will last for the duration of the research program.