Bonus 200 euros Extended Until 30 November

The one-off bonus provided for by Decree Law 50/2022, concerning urgent measures adopted in the field of national energy policies, business productivity, and investment attraction, has been extended to 30 November for self-employed workers and professionals enrolled in INPS social security management schemes, provided they meet the requirements set out in INPS Circular No. 103 of September 2022.

Who Can Submit the Application

The following workers may apply for it:

– Those enrolled in the special management of artisans.

– Those enrolled in the special management scheme for traders.

– Those enrolled in the special management scheme for direct cultivators, colonists, and sharecroppers.

– Self-employed fishermen.

– Self-employed professionals enrolled in the Separate Account.


In order for the application to be accepted, applicants must have received a total gross income for the 2021 tax year of no more than 35,000 euros: if the total gross income was also no more than 20,000 euros, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law Aiuti-ter, the bonus is increased by an additional 150 euros, for a total amount of 350 euros.

Applicants, as of 18 May 2022, must:

– Be registered in autonomous management.

– Be a holder of an active VAT number.

– Have paid at least one contribution to the management for the period from 1 January 2020 to May 2022.

– Not be a pensioner.

Submitting the Application

The application can be submitted online on the website of the National Social Security Institute, by accessing one’s personal area via SPID: once authenticated, the applicant can select the category to which one belongs and proceed with the application.

Alternatively, the allowance can be requested through Patronage or by directly contacting the INPS Contact Centre at 803164.

In a historical moment such as the one, we are currently experiencing, with all the problems caused by the post-pandemic economic crisis, exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine, which has led to an increase in prices, especially in the energy sector, this measure, tough extraordinary and limited, can be a breath of fresh air for families, in order to better cope with the difficulties that arise especially in view of the winter season.