Emergency check: how to apply for it

From 7 to 30 of April, it is possible to apply for the Emergency check which has been extended for a further 3 months. The Emergency check consists in an economic support in favour of families in particular difficulties due to the Covid-19 emergency. To receive it, the following requirements must be met:

  • Residence in Italy of the applicant for the benefit at the time of the application;
  • a value of family income with reference to February 2021 below a threshold equal to the amount of the benefit;
  • an ISEE value of less than 15 thousand euros.
  • a value of family movable assets with reference to the year 2020 of less than 10 thousand euros. The threshold increases by 5.000 euros:
  • for each component subsequent to the first (up to a maximum of 20.000 euros);
  • in the presence of a member in a condition of serious disability or non-self-sufficiency as defined for ISEE purposes.
  • Absence in the family unit of members who receive or have received one of the COVID-19 allowances, such as those intended for seasonal work in tourism, spas, entertainment and sports.

The amounts vary from 400 euros up to 840 euros (if there is a person with a severe disability within the nucleus) in relation to the amount of the ISEE and the number of family members. As with the Citizenship check, with which the REM is not compatible, the beneficiary of the benefit is therefore not the individual applicant but the entire family unit.

The application can be submitted online independently on the MyInps portal by logging in with your credentials or with SPID, CIE or CNS or at the Institutes of Patronage.