The new universal single allowance for children

With the advent of this new year, the race for the presentation of applications for obtaining the single universal allowance for dependent children has begun. If the application is accepted, this request will be available from March until February of the following year.

What are the requirements to access?

To submit the application and obtain confirmation of the successful outcome of the request, certain parameters must exist, such as:

– Be in possession of Italian citizenship;

– Be in possession of the residence and / or any residence permit.

The request can be made for any dependent adult child who is under the age of 21. To be included in the application, children who have reached the age of majority must demonstrate that they are following a school or professional course, that they carry out an internship with an income of less than 8 thousand euros per year or that they are registered as unemployed and awaiting employment.

What is the amount of the check?

The amount of the single check does not contribute to the accumulation of taxable income for the purposes of Irpef and always refers to the ISEE of the family unit: for applications presented from January 1st to June 30th, the allowance will come into effect from the month of March; if, on the other hand, the application is submitted from 1 July, the disbursement will take place from the following month. For new births, the allowance will run from the seventh month of pregnancy.

What replaces the single check?

The new allowance subrogates the subsequent benefits:

Bonus mom tomorrow;

– The allowance for families with at least three minor children;

Baby bonus;

– Tax deductions for children up to the age of 21.

It is important to specify that the new allowance does not replace or limit the benefits of the daycare bonus.

Furthermore, on the INPS website, it is possible to simulate a request to check how much the value of the single check would be .