Residence permit for EU long-term residents

As we all know, there are different types of Residence permits to legally reside on the Italian territory. One of these is the residence permit for long-term EU residents, which can be requested by the foreign citizen under certain conditions.

What are the requirements?

– Five years of continuous stay in Italy;

– Possession of a valid residence permit;

– Demonstration of a minimum income not lower than the annual social allowance;

– Work in place;

– Knowledge of the Italian language of at least A2 level.

Therefore, it takes at least five years of continuous residence in our country, from the issue of the first title: temporary periods spent abroad are an exception. The absence from the territory for a period exceeding six consecutive months or for a total of ten months prevents the submission of the application, unless it is a direct consequence of serious and documented reasons or, for example, from the fulfillment of military service obligations.

Who can it be issued to?

The EU long-term permit can also be automatically transmitted to a family member:

– Spouse;

– Youngest dependent child;

– Child of age but who cannot yet provide for their own sustenance;

– Dependent parents who cannot meet the needs in the country of origin.

In these cases it is necessary that the family members also have a regular stay in the territory of at least five years, that they have a minimum level of Italian equal to A2, that the principal holder has adequate economic resources, that the availability of accommodation is demonstrated adequate.

When should it be updated?

This type of permit needs to be updated in particular situations:

– Birth of a child involving the insertion of the newborn on the parent’s permission;

–          Change of residence;

– Change of the province of residence;

– Expiry of five years from the issue of the first long-term permit, in order to update the data and the passport photo.

When can it be revoked?

Owners can be expelled from Italy exclusively for serious reasons of public order or national security or in the event that they are recipients of precautionary prevention measures. Furthermore, it can be revoked if obtained in a deceptive way, due to supervening danger, due to absence from Italy for a period of six consecutive years or, also, if it holds an identical residence permit in another State of the European Union.