With the Decree-Law no. 2/2021 approved on January 14, the Government ordered the further extension of residence permits until as at 30 April 2021.

The expiry of the residence permits, which had already been postponed to January 31, 2021, is therefore postponed for a further three months, with the consequent possibility for non-EU citizens to proceed with the renewal after that date. Here the text of art. 3 bis co. 3 D.L. 125/2020, amended by art. 5, D.L. 2/2021: “Residence permits and qualifications referred to in Article 103, paragraphs 2-quater and 2-quinquies, of the decree-law of 17 March 2020, n. 18, converted, with amendments, by law 24 April 2020, n. 27, including those expiring until 30 April 2021, retain their validity until the same date “.

Furthermore, similarly to the provisions of the previous extension of 3 December 2020, the following were also extended to the same deadline:

– a) the terms for the conversion of residence permits from study to subordinate work and from seasonal work to non-seasonal subordinate work;

– b) the permits to stay referred to in Article 5, paragraph 7, of the consolidated act as per legislative decree no. 286;

– c) travel documents referred to in Article 24 of Legislative Decree 19 November 2007, no. 251;

– d) the validity of the permits issued for seasonal work, referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 24 of Legislative Decree 25 July 1998, no. 286

– e) the validity of the no impediments issued for family reunification pursuant to articles 28, 29 and 29-bis of legislative decree no. 286 of 1998;

– f) the validity of the nulla osta issued for work for particular cases referred to in articles 27 and following of the legislative decree n. 286 of 1998 (https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/1998/08/18/098G0348/sg).

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