Are you a student? the Iter for your residence permit

The residence permit for study reasons is issued to non-EU citizens who want to attend a university or training  course in Italy, after obteining the issue of a special study visa by the Italian diplomatic mission in the country of origin or residence.

The duration of the residence permit for study will correspond to that of the study course of schools, universities and advanced artistic, musical and choreutic training or for duly certified training. Foreign students will have to prove each year that they have taken exams or tests.

For the enrollment in university courses, non-EU citizens must present documentation relating to the qualification obtained in the country of origin and a certificate of knowledge of the Italian language. If the citizen who has requested it meets the necessary requirements, the  entry visa can be issued.

Holders of residence permits for study are also minors who have come of age and regularly enrolled in a university study course, convert their residence permit for family reasons into study reasons.

The student must first request the tax code, free of charge, by the Revenue Agency.

To obtain the tax code, the student must:

• fill in the AA4 / 8 form;

• show a valid identification document;

• deliver a copy of the valid passport, with the relevant visa where required or other equivalent document recognized by the Italian authorities or the identity certificate issued by the diplomatic or consular representation in Italy of the country of origin with the relative photo of the person concerned or the valid residence permit .

The request must be submitted personally by the student, it is not possible to delegate.

After that,  the student can proceed,  filling the form of the kit for the request of the residence permit, attaching the following documentation:

• photocopy of passport;

• photocopy of the certification that attests the selected  course of study , endorsed by the Italian Consular Diplomatic Representation when issuing the entry visa;

• photocopy of the Insurance Policy valid in the national territory for the duration of the residence permit against the risk of illness and / or accidents;

• € 16.00 revenue stamp;

bulletin of € 70.46;

•  winnings scholarship certificate (in  case of obtaining a scholarship) or proof of sufficient means and economic resources during the stay in Italy, equal to at least 460.28 euros per month, for each month of  the duration of the academic year, to document with remittances, bank deposits, current accounts (ask for the bank statement from your bank);

fiscal Code.

After the student has filled in the application, it must  to be sent personally by the student at the Post Office.

After the shipment of the Application, a special Receipt will be issued, with the date of the appointment at the Police Headquarters of the applicant for the detection of fingerprints and the control of the documentation.

This receipt is extremely important, because it shows that the Residence Permit Application has been sent correctly.

If you are a foreign citizen who stays in Italy with a residence permit for study reasons and you need information on your health coverage, do not hesitate to contact Insurance Italy, a  dedicated desk for foreign citizens of the General Agency of Rome Parioli Liegi Generali Italia S.p.A. at +39.06.3210214 or email