Amnesty 2020: Regularization of undeclared work

We have already talked about it over a year ago. Unfortunately, we find ourselves talking about it again as the practices presented last summer for the emergence of undeclared work in the sectors of agriculture, farming and animal husbandry, fishing, aquaculture and related activities, personal assistancedomestic work, were only processed in a minimal percentage.

Naturally due to the closures of the relevant offices due to Covid-19, this extreme delay has created a lot of inconvenience to both workers and employers who have applied for it.

Amendment to the decree with the circular of 11/04/21

In this regard, the Ministry of the Interior has made some changes to the initial conditions of the decree through a circular dated 11 April 2021.

Before the amendment, the decree clearly provided that the procedure should be concluded without the interested parties changing. That is, the worker did not have the right to change job or employer except for “Causes of force majeure” such as: death of the employer or company bankruptcy. Now, however, it is possible to change job or employer but always within the same sector.

Furthermore, the circular specifies that it is possible to continue the practice even if the employment relationship that motivated the submission of the application for emergence, ceases. In this case, the worker can apply for the issue of a residence permit for pending Employment rather than Subordinate Work. In any case, even if the employment relationship is terminated, the application for emergence must be submitted for examination by the Prefecture which will then have to summon the two parties to sign the contract relating to the period of work actually carried out.

Travelling abroad    

However, the fact remains that workers awaiting the outcome of the application are “blocked” in Italy, unable to travel outside the country even to go to their own country.