The popular house is a public property that is assigned to those who, due to multiple factors, find themselves in conditions of economic difficulty. The popular house is granted at a lower rent compared to the market. Anyone who:

  • has no income or below the minimum established by law,
  • the handicapped, disabled or with disabled family members,
  • single parents with dependent children,
  • homeless citizens.
  • Residents in the municipal area.

Furthermore, these people do not have to own any other property or if they do, it must not be suitable for family needs.

• must not have been evicted from other public housing in the past 5 years,

• they must not have squatted a public housing in the last 5 years.

         If in possession of the above, then one must check the website of the municipality of residence or ask in the offices if a tender will be issued to apply for a public housing for the current year.

If the tender is opened, an application can be submitted by sending the form,available online or in the municipal offices, together with:

• Copy of the identity document;

• Revenue stamp for an amount set by the Municipality;

• ISE (Indicator of the Economic Situation) and ISEE (Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation) that are indicators of the economic situation.

         The request can be presented by every resident citizen that has Italian or European or non-EU citizenship (provided they have a regular residence permit).

Following the submission of the request, basing on the documentation provided, a score which determines the priority in the ranking, is assigned. The ranking is usually published in the Official Gazette of the Region.

Applicants left excluded, due to a low score, or if there is a limited number of assignable public houses, can remain on the waiting list having the opportunity to obtain the public house when one assigned becomes free or when new ones are built.