Health insurance for foreigners: what to do in the event of a claim

Foreigners legally residing in Italy, for a period of more than ninety days, are required to present insurance coverage against the risk of illness and injury to obtain a residence permit or registration with the Municipality. The same obligation is required for those who enter our country for a period of less than three months, for the issue of a Visa by the Embassy or Consulate.

What are the coverages required by the law?

The obligation of health coverage for foreign citizens is regulated by the European standard 2004/17 / EC which establishes that all citizens who apply for an entry visa or residence permit in Italy must submit coverage to the authorities for any sudden medical expenses. The same applies to citizens of the European Union who stay in Italy for a period of more than three months and who, according to the Legislative Decree 30/2007 , are obliged to apply for residence in our country.

What to do in the event of a claim?

As mentioned, the insurance only covers the costs of emergency hospital services; therefore, all medical services performed in the public hospital, both in the event of hospitalization and immediate discharge, all directly resulting from an emergency diagnosis made by the hospital’s emergency room.

The documents to be submitted to the Agency are as follows:

– Entry visa valid at the time of the accident;

– Electronic residence permit valid at the time of the accident. It is important to note that the request for the Permit does not represent a proof of legal stay in Italy: if the foreign citizen is not yet physically in possession of the title, he can submit the request for renewal together with the expired Permit;

– Receipt of registration with the Municipality in the case of European Union citizens;

– Report of the Emergency Department and, in case of hospitalization, of the complete medical record;

– Invoice issued by the Hospital for the services performed: the invoice must always be in the name of the insured;

– Receipt of payment made to the hospital;

– In the event of emergency services carried out in a country adhering to the Schengen Treaty, medical documentation and payment receipt translated into Italian.