Covid-19 and mobility: first signs of normalcy

Thanks to the Legislative Decree n. 33 of 16 May 2020, some restrictions on travel to and from Italy have been lifted since 3 June 2020. Italy, however, remains cautious, reserving the right to adopt restrictions at any time against specific states or territories, should this become necessary due to an increase in risk or contagion from Coronavirus.

Due to the limitations applied in the following months, many foreign citizens who were in Italy with an entry visa or a residence permit at the time of the outbreak of the emergency from Coronavirus, has failed or is unable to return to their Country of origin.

Each country has the obligation to readmit its own citizens, this right cannot be forbidden, even in a particular situation such as the one in which we find ourselves, this principle must be reserved also with some limitations.

The European Commission has recognized that Member States must always admit their citizens and those of the EU or third countries who regularly reside on their territory, therefore, they are obliged to derogate from the restrictions in all cases where their citizens need to return to their place of residence. In addition, doctors, cross-border workers, traveling staff, seasonal agricultural workers, diplomats, military personnel and humanitarian workers are exempt from the restrictions.

The emergency caused by Covid-19 has led to a global restriction on the freedom of movement of Italian and foreign citizens who have had to leave their country and family members especially for work reasons.

This experience, which led us to an evident limitation of our freedom, must teach us that it is an essential right and as such it must always be guaranteed to everyone.

After months forced to stay in their homes, people are eager to return to travel, the important thing is to remember that now there is a coexistence with an invisible enemy. In this period it becomes of primary necessity to think about health protection.