Civil invalidity: requirements and amounts for 2021

The civil disability allowance is an economic allowance recognized to mutilated and disabled civilians aged between 18 and 67, with a disability between 74% and 99%.

This is a welfare support, independent from an insurance and contributory relationship of the beneficiary, but to obtain it, however, compliance with certain income requirements is necessary.

Who can obtain it

It can be used by Italian citizens and EU citizens, residing in Italy; non-EU citizens, provided they are legally residing in the national territory.

The service is granted for 13 months, is not reversible and is equal to 286.81 euros per month.

In order to apply for a disability allowance, one must have an income not exceeding € 4,926.35.

Those born abroad must also declare, with appropriate documentation from the foreign state of origin, the presence or absence of income in the country of origin.

The assessment of the income must be carried out only in relation to the beneficiary of the economic service and the main residence is excluded from its calculation.

The civil disability pension

The civil disability pension is an economic benefit for the mutilated and disabled civilians aged between 18 and 67, who are recognized as having 100% disability.

It maintains the same rules for disbursement of the disability allowance, including the amount, with the only difference that for the disability pension the annual income must be within the limit of € 16,982.49 gross.

This measure is incompatible with other welfare services while it is compatible with the performance of work, always in compliance with the income limit provided for by law.

In both cases it can be obtained up to the age of 67, a requirement to be adapted to life expectancy. Once the age limit is reached, the benefit is automatically transformed into a social allowance.