The unemployment benefit for foreigners in Italy

The unemployment benefit is the economic support that INPS guarantees to employees who have involuntarily lost their jobs. “Involuntarily” means that the worker has not resigned or has done it for just cause. This does not apply to employees of the Public Administration and to agricultural workers who receive subsidized benefits. This subsidy is guaranteed to all workers both who were in possession of a fixed-term and permanent contract and who fulfil certain requirements.

The requirements.

Here the requirements to be eligible for ordinary unemployment benefit.

  • state of unemployment.
  • have paid at least thirteen weeks of contributions in the four years preceding the start of the unemployment period.
  • have accrued at least thirty days of actual work in the twelve months preceding the start of the unemployment period.
  • Working capacity.
  • Willingness to work.

The worker must register with the Employment Center and provide the declaration of “immediate availability” (DID) to carry out work activities.

Extra – EU citizens

For non-EU citizens it is mandatory to have a regular residence permit that allows them to carry out non-seasonal  subordinate work, even if in renewal phase.

Foreign workers who intend to travel outside the European Union during the period of use of the NASPI must ensure in advance that they can maintain communication with the competent Employment Center. It is necessary that the telephone number provided continues to be reachable, that there is some trusted person at the residential address ready to receive correspondence and to transmit it to the beneficiary. Or it is necessary to verify that communications with the Administration take place electronically and consequently check e-mail or dedicated platforms.

Obviously, if a request for a meeting or a job offer arrives, the beneficiary should return to Italy promptly.