SPID, digital identity. What is it and what is it for

Nowadays, and especially in this period, people are increasingly trying to get things done virtually. With regard to access to the services offered by the Public Administration such as Revenue Agency, INPS, Inail or by private member companies, a system of unique digital identity has been created, SPID.

SPID, Public System for Digital Identity promoted by the AgID and therefore by the Government, is aimed at Italian citizens residing in the national territory or abroad or foreign citizens residing in Italy, for personal or professional use.

The documents required when creating the digital identity are as follows:

Additionally, a personal e-mail address and mobile phone number, must be provided.

As for foreign citizens, it is not possible to request the SPID using the residence permit, but with it, they will be able to obtain the identity card that will be used to apply for SPID.

To create your own digital identity, you must request it from the Identity Providers authorized by Agid, currently there are eight: Aruba, Infocert, Intesa, Namirial, Poste Italiane, Sielte, Spid Italia and Tim ID.

The request can be done through one of the following methods:

  • in person, at the offices of digital identity managers;
  • via webcam, with an operator, provided by the identity manager or with an audio-video selfie, together with the payment of a symbolic sum by bank transfer as an additional mean of verifying your identity;
  • with Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or electronic passport, getting identified through the app of the managers;
  • with CIE, National Service Card (CNS) – it is also possible to use the health insurance card -, or with a digital signature with the aid of a reader (such as the smart card) and the relative pin.

From the 10th of September 2019, the SPID digital identity can be used to access the network services of all public administrations in the European Union.