Residence Permit for Scientific research

Would you like to work in Italy as a researcher? Non-EU citizens can obtain an entry visa to Italy for scientific research, if they have a qualification that gives access to PhD courses. The qualification must be valid to access the doctorate in the country where it was obtained. With the entry visa for scientific research, you can then obtain a residence permit for more than three months.

In order to obtain the Visa, and subsequently the Residence Permit, it is necessary to stipulate a contract and a reception agreement valid for five years with a host institution, registered in the appropriate register of the Ministry of University and Research.

The University makes available to the researcher: a monthly amount that cannot be less than double the social allowance, the payment of travel expenses and the stipulation of an insurance policy or registration with the National Health Service.

The research institute activates the procedure for requesting the permit at the Immigration Single Desk of the province in which the assignment will be carried out. Having obtained the favorable opinion of the territorial Police Headquarters, the Immigration Desk issues the research institute the authorization and sends the same document to the Italian authorities of the country of residence of the researcher. Within six months of receiving the authorization, the researcher can apply for an entry visa.

As soon as he enters Italy, the researcher must communicate his arrival to the research institute, by sending a copy of the visa and passport page with the entry stamp in Italy. Upon receipt of the communication, the Research Institute contacts the Single Desk for Immigration to make an appointment at the Police Headquarters for the issue of the residence permit. The institute must ask for an appointment within eight working days from the date of the researcher’s entry into Italy. Finally, the permit is issued for the duration of the research program. In case of extension of the research contract, the Permit is renewed for the same duration.