The first entry to Italy to work

Non-EU citizens can enter Italy to work and obtain a regular residence permit for this purpose.

Residence permits for work reasons can be issued

• for subordinate work,

• for seasonal work

• for multi-year seasonal work,

• for self-employment

The number of foreigners who can enter Italy for work reasons is periodically fixed by the so-called “flow decrees”. These decrees generally foresees that the worker is not already in Italy and that he is therefore “called” by the employer who requires a hiring authorization.

The “decreti flussi” are issued by the President of the Council of Ministers. The decrees provide the numerical quotas of workers admitted to regular entry into Italy for work reasons during the year. The “flow decrees” can indicate generic numerical quotas or specify the type of worker or, provide specific quotas of workers coming from a particular country.

The application submission procedure is now managed electronically. The employer must register on the dedicated website of the Ministry of the Interior after the publication of the decree and fill in the suitable form. Subsequently, the prefecture will invite the employer who must present himself with the following documents:

  • revenue stamp or receipt of payment of the € 16.00 stamp duty used for submitting the online application
  • if the employer is not an EU citizen: original and copy of the unexpired residence permit or receipt of the renewal request
  • original and copy of the employer’s identity document
  • copy of the worker’s passport

In case that the application is accepted, the entry authorization will be issued.

The worker, having received the entry allowness, must, within 90 days, request at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin, the entry visa.

Within 8 working days of entering in Italy, the worker must resent oneself together with the employer at the Prefecture who must bring the following documents:

On the day of the appointment, the Prefecture delivers the residence contract and the form to the worker and the employer, for the request of the residence permit which must be signed by the worker

Subsequently, the worker can apply for a residence permit to be issued at the Police Headquarters through “Sportello Amico”in the post offices, using the classic kit.