Family reunification: documents demonstrating suitable accommodation

To submit the application for family reunification, the applicant must possess a series of conditions established by law. Among these, he must prove that he holds suitable accommodation.

An accommodation is to be considered suitable if it has the main hygienic-sanitary requirements of the living quarters and that it has a minimum of square meters available equal to:

• 14 m2 for one person;

• 28 sq m for two people;

• 42 m2 for three people;

• 56 sq m for four people;

• + 10 m2 for every other person beyond the fourth.

For the purposes of the request for reunification, it is therefore necessary to obtain the certificate and produce the documentation demonstrating the right of the occupant of the property. The documentation to be submitted to the Single Desk for competent Immigration is in fact different depending on whether the applicant is the owner of the accommodation, guest or borrower.

The owner of the property must present a copy of the deed of ownership registered with the Revenue Agency. Those who instead hold a regularly registered lease must attach a copy of the lease to the application.

If, on the other hand, the applicant is simply a guest in the apartment in which the family member whose reunification is requested will live, it is necessary to produce a copy of the declaration of hospitality issued by the owner or tenant of the apartment together with a copy of the title certifying the availability of the accommodation of the person offering hospitality to the applicant. A declaration of consent from the owner of the property is also required to host the reunited family member with a photocopy of the identity document attached. This declaration must be made using the MOD. T2.

In other cases, although less frequent, the applicant is the holder of a free loan contract registered with the Revenue Agency. Also in these cases, a copy of the free loan contract, MOD. T2 for the consent of the property owner to host the family member, must be attached to the request for reunification.

It is important to remember that the reunited family member if he is less than 65 years old has the right to registration with the NHS without any payment while if he is more than 65 years old he will have to insure himself against the risk of accident and illness, by stipulating a health insurance valid on the territory national. For information on your health coverage valid for the family reunification application, contact us.