Healthcare and Supplementary Healthcare

The healthcare system is designed to guarantee both physical and mental health protection for everyone. Italian healthcare is structured on a national health service that assures free health care for its citizens. As stated in the Italian Constitution; “The Republic safeguards health as a fundamental right of the individual.” (Art.32). Indeed, the healthcare system is based on community care.

The healthcare rights of citizens; social security service is made to guarantee each citizen the following free benefits:

Basic care: Assignment of a family doctor also known as General Practitioner (GP).   Italian citizens rely on this service when they need medical care or treatments.

Hospital admission: Italians have the legal right to choose which public hospitals (government hospitals) they would like to be medicated.

Specialized care: The citizen has access to visits, blood tests and physical or mental examination.

Medicines: According to the financial status patients might be exempted from paying medicines.

Who is entitled to assistance?

All Italian citizens and residents in Italy with a residence permit have the right to health care, European citizens who apply for residency in our country. Non-EU citizens who are in possession of a regular Residence Permit can register with the National Health Service by contacting the Local Health Authority of the Municipality of residence; those who do not have the Permit, do not have access to the possibility of subscribing to the SSN, but can request the STP Card.

What is integrative health?

Supplementary health care, as the word itself implies, is a form of complementary protection to the services provided by the National Health System. The signing of a private policy can be decided autonomously by the individual or be included in the rights deriving from the professional registers or the CCNL of a specific category of workers: in the latter case, therefore, these services represent benefits in favor of the workers included in the contract between the parties.

Insurance companies contribute to supplementary health through policies that can offer coverage both for protection from so-called “major risks” (death, permanent disability, loss of self-sufficiency) and for the eventuality of illness or injury. It is therefore evident that the peculiarity of insurance policies consists, unlike other assistance, both in the provision of supplementary services concerning the NHS and in the possibility of reimbursements and compensation for possible economic losses of the subject, as a result of illness or injury.

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