In 2019, a subsidy was introduced by the Government consisting of a sum paid by the State, towards families in possession of specific requirements, aimed at immediate and necessary economic aid, to favor the reintegration into the world of work of the subjects who they receive: this form of help has taken the name of Citizenship Income.

The Decree-law of 28 January 2019 establishes that the recipient the aforementioned income must be in possession of Italian citizenship or of a country of the European Union, or it can also be a citizen belonging to a third country provided that the following conditions are met:

– Holds an EU residence permit for long-term residents


– Is a family member of an Italian citizen or a citizen of one of the countries of the European Union and in possession of a valid residence permit in Italy.

In both cases, the foreigner requesting the Citizenship Income must also be resident in Italy for at least ten years at the time of the request, of which the last two years continuously.

Additional specific requirements are also required, this time of an economic nature, for the provision of the subsidy:

– ISEE lower than € 9,360;

– Real estate assets (in addition to the residence) not exceeding € 30,000;

– Movable assets not exceeding € 6000;

– Family income less than € 6000.

Originally, it was required to submit, together with the ISEE, a specific certification issued by the competent authority of the country of origin, relating to the income and capital requirements, as well as to prove the actual composition of the family unit.

This obligation has been eliminated, since it was considered that there is no possibility of having information about the movable assets in the various countries of the world and that instead, as regards real estate assets, the only countries that can produce the aforementioned documentation are contained in a list of the Decree-law belonging to the data collection of the World Bank.

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