The new rules on the Green Pass

Starting from January 20, new rules for the containment of the pandemic came into force, which led to an extension of the Green Pass to multiple places and activities. Furthermore, in the following days the duration of the reinforced Green Pass will be reduced from nine to six months and financial penalties will be provided for those over 50 who have not yet joined the vaccination program.

What changes?

The current situation in the country has led to a tightening of the rules to follow, such as the presentation of the Green Pass to access all so-called personal services (hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, wellness centers) or even for interviews with inmates in Italian prisons.

From 1 February it will be mandatory to present the basic or reinforced Green Pass to access all Public Offices (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions), public services (such as, for example, post offices), banks, shops and shopping centers.

Starting from February 15th, workers over 50, both in the public and private sectors, will be obliged to have the Green Pass strengthened to access the workplace: that is, they must have a certificate attesting to the vaccination cycle or recovery from Covid-19, while the simple Green Pass, obtained with a negative swab, can no longer be recognized.

Those who arrive at work for a period exceeding five days in the absence of the aforementioned certification, may be suspended for a maximum of ten days without pay. On the other hand, even employers who fail to check the validity of access for their employees will be subject to financial penalties with fines ranging from 600 to 1500 euros.

The new rules for asymptomatic positives

Following the continuous pressing exerted by the regional Governors, from February 1st the method of counting the number of positives will be changed: from the daily calculation of new infections, patients admitted to hospitals for different causes, but positive for Covid in login phase. Obviously, this new count also implies new rules for the color to be assigned to the Regions: to determine any change in color, it will not only be the data on new infections, but the data relating to positives hospitalized in non-critical areas or in intensive care.