#IoRestoaCasa: what can foreign citizens do?

With the #IoRestoaCasa Decree signed on 9 March by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the restrictive measures already applied for Lombardy and the 14 northern provinces most affected by the Coronavirus have been extended to the whole national territory. The provision which came into force on March 10 will take effect until April 13.

These restrictive measures must be respected not only by Italian citizens but also by all foreigners who stay or reside in our country.

A foreign citizen who is currently in Italy, can return to his country only if the return is an absolute urgency. The return of foreigners who are in Italy for tourism or forced to leave our country permanently is allowed because, for example, they have been fired, lost their home or their course of studies has been definitively interrupted. The temporary suspension of the working activity or its continuation in smart working mode does not allow travel.

The authorities advise the citizen to check, before any departure, the measures taken by his country to combat the spread of Coronavirus and to contact his embassy in Italy.

Even a resident foreigner can return to Italy only in an emergency, for example, if he was temporarily abroad.

Those who are eligible to return to our country must comply with the following rules:

1. complete the self-certification on the reasons for the trip which must contain the reasons for the trip in detail, an indication of the place where the next 14 days of isolation will be spent, the personal or private means by which this place will be reached and a contact address telephone also mobile;

2. when you arrive in Italy you cannot take public means of transport, but only private means of transport;

3. notify the local health authority responsible for the area.

At this particular moment, it becomes a primary requirement for foreign citizens to have insurance coverage if, in the event of infection, you do not want to pay hospital services out of your own pocket.

The General Agency of Rome Parioli Liegi Generali Italia offers a package of health and assistance coverage for foreigners staying at a lower cost than the NHS, giving the insured greater safety and peace of mind in the event of illness or accident while for foreigners residing in Italy has provided them with a health care package to assist them even in the event of a Covid-19 infection.

For more information and instructions on how to access insurance coverage, contact us.