Who can collect the residence permit?

The delivery of the residence permit to the Police Headquarters must be made by obligation in the hands of the applicant and no one can be delegated.

On this the Italian law states that when sending the postal kit with all the documents necessary to obtain the residence permit, or to renew it, the applicant must be present because the operator of the post office has the obligation to check exactly the identity of the person.

The applicant must also be present at the first call to the police headquarters.

This is because fingerprints are personal and for this reason he has the obligation to go in person to release them and the operator will have to check if the identity matches.

When the residence permit is ready, the applicant receives a communication from the Police Headquarters with the exact time and day of the withdrawal. Upon collection, you must bring your identity document, the old residence permit if it is a renewal and the postal receipt with the reference code of the case, after checking the documents, other fingerprints are taken that replace the signature.

The only thing that can be done, if not being able to honor the day and time of the appointment, is to move it by contacting the Police Headquarters in advance.

The only case in which it is possible to delegate is to bring a document that integrates the practice to the police headquarters.

In that case, a simple proxy, a photocopy of the receipt and the identity document of the applicant are sufficient.

The waiting times for obtaining a residence permit, but also for its renewal, can even reach seven months because it takes time to dispose of the paperwork.

In any case, those in possession of the receipt issued by the post office, will be able to verify that the residence permit has been issued by consulting the appropriate web page on the national site of the State Police.

Just enter all the digits of the password, including the last one without the dash.

It is not mandatory to withdraw the residence permit on the day indicated in the message because it does not have an immediate expiration.

For the applicant, when applying for the permit, it must be provided with health coverage.

A valid health coverage allows the foreigner to enjoy his stay in Italy with serenity and tranquility, for which Generali Italia, unlike other insurance companies, offers citizens residing in Italy health insurance that:

covers urgent hospital services (SSN) for sudden illness or accidents in Italy without spending limits;

provides medical re-entry following a sudden illness or accident.

If you are a foreign citizen who stays in Italy with a residence permit for religious reasons, study, medical treatment (companion) and family / family reunification in tow and you need information on your health coverage, do not hesitate to contact us.