Foreign domestic workers, who are they?

Domestic workers are those who dedicate themselves to the assistance or management of family activities by carrying out a series of tasks and activities that are foreseen by contract.

They can be distinguished in three specific areas:

assistance area;

family services area;

management area.

Based on the area in which a worker is inserted, it is possible to determine the level of classification, fundamental information for establishing the minimum wage, the duration of the probationary period and automatic career progression.

The levels of classification are the contractual categories that are divided according to the prevailing duties, length of service, degree of responsibility, professional qualification of the worker.

The levels of classification are four:

level A: workers with no experience or no more than 12 months who carry out generic tasks under the direct control of the employer;

level B: workers with experience of more than 12 months who perform duties with specific professional skills;

level C: workers with a specific professional ability that allows them to carry out the activity independently and responsibly;

level D: workers with a professional diploma that allows them to carry out their duties in full decision-making autonomy.

The duration of the residence permit for domestic work is that provided for in the residence contract and cannot exceed the duration of:

one year, in relation to a fixed-term contract;

two years, in relation to a permanent contract.

Upon expiration of the first permit, it is possible to request renewal if the required requirements are met.

Residence permits can be converted into residence permits for domestic work:

– for seasonal work;

– for family reasons;

– for study reasons.

The foreign domestic worker can request the release of the permit for family reunification provided that the duration of the permit is not less than one year.

In the event that the worker loses his job does not constitute grounds for revocation of the residence permit for him and his legally residing family members, he may be registered in the mobility lists for the period of residual validity of the permit.

Holders of residence permits for domestic work are obliged to register with the National Health Service and equal treatment and full equality of rights and duties with respect to Italian citizens regarding the obligation to pay contributions, to assistance provided in Italy by the National Health Service. and its temporal validity.