Falling rental prices for students in Italy

At the end of the summer the hunt for housing always starts for off-site students who move to other cities, to start or continue your course of study.

After years in which there has been constant price increases, in 2021 the trend was reversed due to the pandemic that also affected schools and universities, with the adoption of distance learning.

What are the costs of the main Italian university cities?

From the first data collected, an average drop in costs of 2.5% emerges, with Milan which is certainly the most expensive in absolute terms, but at the same time it is the one that has suffered the greatest decline in housing rental demand: the cost of a single it is around € 470. Following are Rome, with an average cost of a single room of € 417, and to complete the podium Bologna and Florence, where to rent a single room it takes about € 390.

The ranking continues with Venice, where about 350 € are requested, Naples and Bari with 320 € and Pisa with almost 310 €.

Has the recovery begun?

Compared to 2020, the search for rooms in the various cities has recorded record numbers: in Naples + 600% on an annual basis, in Turin + 160%, in Florence + 150%, Bari + 80%, Milan + 30%.

These numbers show how the recovery has actually started again in the research and renting of student housing, after last year the university cities suddenly emptied in March following the lockdown. Those who had invested in the purchase of a property in order to have a supplementary income through the lease, have been with the apartments empty for more than a year and this, certainly, has contributed to lead to an increase in demand and to lower prices.