The Reimbursement of Medical Expenses for WAI Members

Welcome Association Italy is a trade union that focuses on assistance to foreign citizens moving to Italy and promotes Welfare to assist and protect them in the work environment.

In this regard, the union advocates: cultural, social, and economic knowledge of the countries of origin of foreign citizens and supports all activities useful for their integration and stay in the country.

Insurance Requirements

Foreign citizens who move to Italy are mainly required to have health insurance coverage to burden the state coffers in the event of medical expenses.

The health coverage, provided by Welcome Association Italy, covers expenses due to accidents, illness, and possible hospitalization with compulsory passage through the emergency room of a public hospital.

The insurance does not cover urgent medical expenses due to“pre-existing conditions such as mental illness, dental treatment, accidents resulting from the member’s willful misconduct, accidents due to alcohol or drug abuse, or accidents resulting from the practice of a professionally practiced sport (including non-regular motor racing, motorcycling or nautical competitions) or surgery to correct a deviated septum, except for those who had an accident with a report from the Emergency Room and the relevant X-ray examination.

What to Do in the Event of a Claim

In the event of a claim, the Welcome Association Italy member must send an e-mail to containing the following documents:

– Entry visa not expired at the event time (if the insured is staying in Italy for a maximum of ninety days) or passport with the stamp of entry into our country.

– Residence permit (the card is required and not the postal kit receipt) valid if the insured person is staying in our country for more than ninety days.

– Receipt of registration with the Municipality if the insured person is a citizen of a European Union country.

– Insurance certificate from the Welcome Association Italy.

– Report issued by the Emergency Room or, in the case of hospitalization, the complete medical file.

– Invoice made out to the insured party, issued by the public hospital.

– Receipt for payment made to the Hospital.

– Medical documentation and receipt of payment in the original language and its translation into Italian, in the case of emergency medical expenses incurred in public facilities in Schengen countries.

– Full address in Italy.

– Indication of an IBAN of a current account held directly in the name of the insured party

– Privacy notice of claim.

The health cover issued to foreign citizens, members of Welcome Association Italy, has a two-fold purpose: it allows the Italian State to be relieved of any expenses that may have to be borne by the foreign citizen, and on the other hand, it will enable the insured person to live and enjoy a peaceful stay.