Tax return declaration: 730 Form

Around this time, every year we hear about the infamous tax return. What is it? What is it for?

In the meantime, let’s start by saying that the tax return declaration can be presented to employees, pensioners, coordinated and continuous collaborators ( or project-based, taxpayers who receive income allowances such as Naspi, mobility, etc. who, even if they do not have a withholding agent, have income from employment or similar.

The withholding agent is a public or private entity that replaces the taxpayer in fulfilling his tax obligations. Its activities are carried out thanks to two documents, the 770 model and the Single Certification. One of the classic examples is the employer replacing their employees.

Who must make the tax return declaration?

The 730 model can be done by those we perceived in 2020:

  • income from employment and similar to those from employment;
  • income from land and buildings;
  • capital gains;
  • income from self-employment for which a VAT number is not required;
  • other income (eg income from land and / or buildings located abroad);
  • income subject to separate taxation.

The return tax declaration can be submitted directly by the taxpayer through the website of the Revenue Agency, through the withholding agent (employer or pension institution) if the latter has communicated to provide tax assistance or through a CAF or a licensed professional.

2020 was a year full of news and incentives, which will be reflected in the 2021 tax return declaration. These are the deductions regarding bonuses such as the holiday bonus, the 110% super bonus, for energy redevelopment works and / or reduction of seismic risk, the bike bonus.

The documents for 730 are different in relation to the type of taxpayer. In general, there are documents that everyone must present such as: the health card (of the person himself, his spouse and dependent relatives) and the identity card (his and his spouse if the practice is joint) and the tax return declaration of the previous year, if submitted.

In addition, suitable documents must be presented to establish the deductible and deductible charges, for example:

  • health costs
  • mortgages for the purchase of the house in which you live
  • deductions for school expenses
  • rental payments
  • documentation relating to maids and caregivers
  • life insurance, death risk coverage, disability
  • social security contributions