Stuck in Italy due to Covid-19? For you extension of the visa

To deal with the spread of Coronavirus, increasingly restrictive provisions have been issued and many foreign citizens are currently in Italy with an expiring entry visa, unable to return to their country of origin.

The law provides that after the three months are over, the foreign citizen is obliged to leave the Italian territory otherwise he would become a clandestine and therefore an irregular citizen, that is, a subject for immediate expulsion by the competent authorities accompanied by the prohibition to return to Italy.

According to the Consolidated Law on Immigration, article 13 is given the possibility for the foreigner to stop in our country beyond the 90-day deadline provided that the decision is motivated by “serious reasons, in particular of a humanitarian nature or resulting from obligations constitutional or international “. Coronavirus is part of the case where it is possible to make an exception and consequently it is possible to request an extension of the entry visa beyond 90 days.

Even in this case, however, the person concerned must contact the competent police headquarters of the place where he is located and formally request to be able to extend his stay in Italy, presenting the necessary documentation to demonstrate the real reasons for the extension.

This exception also applies to citizens of foreign countries who, based on agreements with the European Union, can come to Italy for short stays without an entry visa.

For the foreign citizen who must apply for an entry visa, he is always obliged to take out a health policy that covers it from the risk of accident and illness. While, for those who enter Italy without an entry visa, there is no obligation but in this period it becomes necessary to have health coverage that can give the foreigner greater security and tranquility.

If you are a foreign citizen who stays in Italy with an entry visa and you need information on your health coverage, contact us.