Sanatorium 2020: obtain a six-month work permit

The relaunch decree will allow foreign workers, farm laborers, domestic workers and carers to be able to obtain a six-month residence permit for work reasons.

Article 103 «Emergence of employment relationships» of the relaunch decree, published in the Official Journal, provides that the cost of the amnesty paid by the employer is 500 euros for each worker. This is a lump sum contribution that must be paid after submitting the application to conclude a subordinate employment contract with foreign nationals present on the national territory. The request will be used to declare the existence of an irregular employment relationship and may be submitted from 1 June to 15 July 2020.

In the event that regularization is not carried out by the employer, foreign citizens with a residence permit expired on 31 October 2019 are still given the possibility to apply for «a temporary residence permit». This type of permit is valid only in the national territory with a duration of six months from the submission of the application. A necessary condition is that the foreigner must be present on the national territory on 8 March 2020, without having moved away and must have carried out work activities prior to 31 October 2019 in one of the following sectors:

• agriculture;

• breeding and zootechnics;

• fishing, aquaculture and related activities;

• assistance to the person;

• housework.

Also in this case, a lump sum payment is foreseen for the sums due by the employer in compensation, contributions and tax. The one-off quantification and acquisition methods are established by decree of the Minister of Labor, Economy and Finance, the Interior and Agricultural and Forestry Policies.

All those employers who have committed crimes such as:

facilitation of illegal immigration to Italy and illegal immigration from Italy to other states;

illegal brokerage and exploitation of work.

Finally, it is specified that those foreign nationals against whom:

an expulsion order has been issued, which is reported;

• who are convicted;

• that they are considered a threat to public order or state security.