Reunification: is residence possible without a permit?

Can a family member who has just arrived in Italy with family reunification and awaiting a residence permit, can enroll in the registry and take up residence?

In general, in order to apply for residence in the Municipality where you live, you need to have a long-term and valid residence permit. However, there are cases in which the non-EU citizen can proceed with the personal registration even before the permit is issued.

1) Who is waiting for the renewal of the residence permit can request residence by showing a photocopy of the expired residence permit and the postal receipt certifying the renewal request within the terms established by law (within 60 days from the expiry of the permit) .

2) Those who arrived in Italy with a visa for subordinate work and have already signed the residence contract at the Single Desk for Immigration. In these cases, a copy of the contract and a receipt issued by the Post Office certifying the presentation of the residence permit application must be presented at the counter.

3) Anyone who has entered Italy for family reunification can also apply for residence. The documentation to be submitted consists of the copy of the entry visa for family reunification, the copy of the clearance issued by the Single Desk and the receipt certifying the successful presentation of the residence permit application.

In any case, when the application is submitted, the joint family member must register with the National Health System or proceed with the stipulation of an insurance policy that covers medical expenses in case of accident or illness. In particular:

• if you are under 65 you are entitled to enroll in the SSN without any payment,

• if you are over 65, you must insure yourself against the risk of accidents and illness, by taking out health insurance valid on the national territory.

If you are a foreign citizen applying for a residence permit for family reunification and you need information on your health insurance contact us.