Medical Care for Foreigners Over 65 in Italy for Family Reasons

The legislative decree 160/2008 establishes that foreign citizens over 65 years of age are no longer entitled to compulsory registration with the National Health Service, as established by legislative decree 286/98, but must present private insurance coverage or proceed to voluntary registration with the SSN, through payment of the amount established by the Law.

A foreign national who holds a Residence permit for family reunification, issued before 5 November 2008, is entitled to compulsory registration with the SSN once he reaches the age of 65; if he renews his Residence permit, he will keep his previous registration once he reaches the above-mentioned age.

Procedure for voluntary registration with the SSN

Are entitled to voluntary registration with the National Health Service:

– Students for periods of less than 90 days.

– Holders of a Residence permit for elective residence.

– Those present in Italy for religious reasons.

– Diplomatic staff of foreign representations in Italy.

– Foreign employees of international organizations in Italy.

– Over-65s entered Italy for family reunification after 5 November 2008.

Registration is valid for a calendar year – from 1 January to 31 December – regardless of the expiry date of the residence permit; it cannot be split up and cannot be applied retroactively.

When renewing the Residence permit, following the payment of the contribution, the holder can keep the registration with the SSN, while waiting to present the title to the Asl, thus guaranteeing continuity of care.

The annual flat-rate contribution can be paid into the current account of the region of residence, by applying directly to the Asl of registration or by using the F24 form.

The foreign citizen must present the following documentation to the Asl:

– Valid residence permit or receipt of the application for the issue of the Residence permit.

– Self-certification of habitual residence/domicile.

– Identity document.

– Tax code.

– Receipt for payment of the contribution.

Registration with the SSN puts the foreign citizen on an equal footing with the Italian citizen, providing all the services provided on the national territory by public health struc