LAV unified model: what is and who it is for

Foreign citizens who choose to live and work in Italy must fulfill obligations. In case an employer decides to hire a non-European citizen, he must abide by some rules.

First, in order to work in Italy, non-EU foreign citizens must have a residence permit enabling them to work. A foreign citizen who has a residence permit for: medical treatmentreligious reasons, business; justice cannot work in Italy.

If the worker is not in possession of a residence permit that allows him to work, he must request the conversion at the competent Police Headquarters for the area. If, on the other hand, he has one obtained for other reasons, such as humanitarian reasons or family reasons, he does not need to request the conversion of the residence permit and can easily start a subordinate employment relationship.

What to do ?

When the worker is hired, the employer must notify the Employment Centre of the Municipality in which the hiring takes place through the Unified LAV Form, UNILAV. In case of domestic work, it is enough just the submission of the complaint made to INPS. This report must be made at least 24 hours before the day of recruitment.

The Unified Lav model contains within it, in addition to the personal data, the data relating to the employment relationship, as well as the employer’s commitment to bear the repatriation costs of the worker and the guarantee of the availability of accommodation.

All employers, both public and private, operating in any economic sector, by sending this unified model, communicate any establishment, modification, extension and termination of an employment relationship with a foreign citizen.