Foreign citizens: the importance of health coverage

The right of individuals to access health care on the national territory is a principle that has its foundation in various legislative sources.

First of all in the Constitution (Article 32) and in the Bill of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Article 35) as well as in the provisions of ordinary law (Legislative Decree 286/98).

Anyone who has to stay in Italy will need to obtain a series of documents before arrival. One of these documents could be a health insurance, a policy that is valid in the event of sudden illness or injury and that covers health costs incurred by the insured while being admitted to a public hospital or for urgent hospital services.

It is not always mandatory. Citizens belonging to the Schengen area who wish to stay in Italy for a period of less than three months are not required to take out insurance.

The main reason people want coverage is simple: they seek peace of mind, no worries.

Health insurance makes you feel protected even and above all ten of thousands of kilometers from home. When unforeseen events can happen and become more complicated to manage and solve them.

In the case of accidents or sudden serious illnesses, having health insurance gives the possibility to be treated and to receive complete assistance from the National Health System (SSN). Or from private health care. Avoiding paying for services on which amount would certainly be more than the annual amount of a health insurance that covers these expenses.

When insurance is mandatory

Health insurance for foreigners is recommended for all travelers, but it is mandatory if:

• An extra citizen U.E. demands the release of an entry visa for religious reasons, tourism, medical care, sport and competitions;

• A non-EU citizen requests the issue of a residence permit for reasons of study, religion, accompanying medical care or family reunification (accompanying family member);

• A registry subscription is requested, that is the registration of a non-Italian citizen (coming from the EU area or from the non-EU area) as a resident in our country.

Taking out an insurance in the case of a trip to a foreign country is an act of responsibility and can avoid extremely unpleasant situations.

Especially when there are particular conditions, or the presence of small children, a condition of pregnancy or advanced age, the advice is always to provide for your own peace of mind by protecting yourself from the risk of paying huge sums.