The medical expense reimbursement policy: offers for foreign nationals

The medical expense reimbursement policy for foreign nationals represents a cornerstone for the management of the health sector in Italy. While it allows the foreigners to live their stay with greater peace of mind, it also frees the state from any medical expenses it may incur.


General premise

The right to health is enshrined in Article 32 of our Constitution, which states that health is a fundamental right of the individual and the community.

All Italian citizens and foreign citizens legally residing in the country have the right to health care, and they can either register with the SSN or access so-called “integrative health care”. Those who do not have a valid residence permit cannot enroll in the SSN but can apply for the STP Card.

The policy is designed with the intent of providing insurance coverage that will provide reimbursement for what the beneficiary pays. It provides coverage for medical expenses and is a supplement to the National Health Service, which can often have very long waiting lists.

The beneficiary of the policy can choose whether to use a public or private facility and take advantage of medical services, such as hospitalizations or surgeries.

Offer dedicated to foreign nationals

Foreign citizens legally residing in the country can take out insurance coverage. It fulfills the dual function of meeting the needs of the beneficiary and meeting the requirements of Italian legislation. The latter requires specific requirements to apply for a residence permit, civil registration, or the granting of an Entry Visa.

The policy covers in case of accident or sudden illness, with reimbursement of expenses incurred in the emergency room or for hospitalization. It should be noted that these must be provided by a public hospital.

Medical expense reimbursement procedures

To obtain reimbursement for expenses incurred, the insured must send the following documentation to

  • Entry visa to Italy that has not expired at the time of the occurrence of the medical claim
  • Residence Permit Card not expired at the time of the claim
  • Registry registration receipt if the insured is a citizen of the European Union
  • Emergency room report or full medical record (in case of hospitalization)
  • Invoice issued by the local health authority or health facility
  • Receipt for the payment made to the Asl or hospital
  • Medical records and the paid invoice, both in the original language and Italian, if the claim occurred in a Schengen Area country
  • Iban of a bank account in the name of the insured
  • Privacy policy signed by the insured

If you are a foreign national and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!