Housekeepers and caregivers bonus: the new measures

Domestic work in our country unfortunately still has a very high percentage of non-regularized work which does not allow adequate protection for the worker.

The new maid and carers bonus provides for the payment of a reimbursement in favor of employers in non self-sufficiency, up to € 3600 per year and, in addition, a further contribution of € 300 in case it is necessary to replace the worker, in case of maternity.

The reimbursement, for the cases of non self-sufficiency in question, is 300 euros per month and can be paid for a maximum of one year; while, on the contrary, the maternity bonus is payable only once.

What are the requirements?

The requirement for accessing these bonuses is that the contributions provided to Cassacolf must have been paid continuously, for at least twelve months. provide services and services for both workers and registered employers.

Furthermore, in this period of pandemic, the Covid contributions for home helps, carers and babysitters have been extended until the end of October 2021, in the event that they become infected or place themselves in a period of home self-isolation: in case of contagion in fact, there is a bonus of 100 euros per day, for a maximum of fifty days a year, should hospitalization be necessary. The reimbursement is of a lower amount, about 30 euros, if the absence is due to home isolation following a positive coronavirus.

The domestic worker has always been one of the least protected figures from the point of view of health or pension coverage. This is why packages have been created to try to meet the needs of these workers, looking for a way to help them live with more serenity their work.