Home burglaries: Rome and Milan the most affected cities

Taking something of value directly from someone is a very stressful experience especially when it is from your own house. The first reaction is a feeling of anger, helplessness, and fear. Houses should be a place of safety and protection, and thinking about yourself as a stranger within your walls because outsiders invaded and violated your privacy, may lead to anxiety and you might think that it could happen again.

Although Apartment burglaries have declined recently – one of the few benefits of the pandemic – the number of complaints related to this crime is still  very high. In fact, according to the 2019 ISTAT report (the most recent in this regard), apartment thefts reached an average of 10.3 per thousand families, for a total of 165,329 during the year.

Apartment robberies are frequent in the North and Center of Italy, where there are 11.8 families victims per thousand, compared to 6.9 per thousand families victims in the South. The region most affected by house robbery is Lombardy, with a  record of 14.8 thefts per 1,000 families whereas the cities with the highest reports of house robbery is Milan with 11,097 thefts Rome with 10,474, and Turin with 8,021.

Fortunately, there are solutions to soothe the anger and frustration when you are stolen inside your own home. We are talking about insurance to protect the home and family.

Depending on your insurance plan, there are different options available. One of them is home insurance that protects from home burglary but there are also additional house insurance services that cover accidents such as a fire, water damage, an earthquake.

Among different insurance plans, you can choose services that best suit your needs, such as the one to protect your house.

If you want more information and ad hoc advice to understand how to protect your home, do not hesitate to contact us!