Holidays time: how to protect our home

The weather has changed, the rains are more and more frequent and the cold is starting to feel more and more pungent. The streets begin to decorate and the shops and houses are filled with lights and colors. The Christmas holidays are coming, the most magical period of the year and during which we meet with relatives and friends to spend whole days all together.

But it is also the time of the year when, together with the summer period, you are most afraid to leave your home unattended for fear of intrusion by thieves.

How to take care of the safety of your home?

One of the primary solutions that you immediately think about is to install a do-it-yourself anti-theft system, which can act as a deterrent and induce the bad guys to flee. In reality, as the news continually teaches us, the most experienced thieves have at their disposal all the most advanced tools to invalidate the technological defenses guarding the houses. It is therefore necessary to rely on experts in the sector who can give their advice and propose protection solutions  that will let you live in absolute tranquility!

What could be the other winning solutions?

First of all, one of the biggest errors is represented by the presence of wooden doors and / or windows without adequate protection: it is always better to install an armored door and shatterproof glass. The same leitmotiv with regard to the entrance gate of your home – whether it is a villa or a condominium – it is essential that it is burglar-proof and, possibly, equipped with a video surveillance system.

Another solution is to warn the neighbors of your absence, so that, should they notice strange movements or noises coming from our house, they can make sure that the situation is always under control.

Some of the tips that are dispensed several times by the police during this holiday season are simple and effective: for example, ask neighbors or friends to empty the mailbox; do not speak except to trusted people about our lack and, even if it may seem useless, have the doormat put back in the correct position in front of the access door of our home, after cleaning the condominium spaces; do not leave duplicate keys in easily understandable places and do not post on social status or photos that certify our absence.

If you want more protection and ad hoc advice to leave with peace of mind, do not hesitate to contact us!