Health insurance coverage agreement for foreigners

The foreign citizen who decides to stay in Italy, before arriving in our country, will need to obtain a series of documents and one of these is health insurance.

Having health coverage allows the foreigner U.E. o Extra U.E. to live his most peaceful stay knowing that he is covered in case of sudden illness or accident. Therefore, this coverage is recommended for all those who transit or settle in Italy, but it is mandatory in the event that:

• a foreigner from outside the EU apply for an entry visa for religious reasons, tourism, accompanying medical treatment and sports competitions;

• a non-EU foreigner request the issue of a residence permit for religious reasons, study, accompanying medical treatment or family reunification (family member in tow);

• a foreigner from the E.U. request the registration certificate to reside in our country.

It is not always mandatory for foreign citizens to insure, but it is important to have health coverage especially if you are staying or residing in a foreign country. Health insurance gives anyone the opportunity to be treated in case of need and to receive full assistance from the National Health System (NHS) or from private health care.

Health insurance is always mandatory for obtaining a residence permit but, according to specific bilateral agreements between Italy and some non-EU states, it is possible to come to our country for a maximum of 90 days without being obligatory to take out a health policy. In this case, if the need for treatment occurs and access to the emergency room, the relative services should be paid according to rates established on a regional basis.

Therefore, if the foreign person stays even for a period not exceeding 3 months, it becomes necessary to have health coverage, otherwise, in case of treatment from sudden illness or accident he would have to pay for benefits whose amount would be greater than the premium of a policy health care that covers these expenses.

Furthermore, parents over 65 years of non-EU citizens are excluded from the possibility of compulsory registration at the NHS. who come to Italy for family reunification; the Legislative Decree 3 October 2008, n. 160 has in fact provided that the latter must also have valid health coverage in Italy.

When there is a choice, it is good to take into account in terms of costs if it is convenient to voluntarily enroll in the National Health System or take out a health policy.

The Ministry of Health has established that “to voluntarily enroll in the NHS, an annual contribution calculated on the total income achieved in the previous year must be paid“. For the calculation of the amount due, coefficients are applied depending on the income thresholds (the higher the income, the higher the annual fee to be paid), however “The amount cannot be less than 387.34 euros“, about 32 euros per month. Only for students who have no income and for young au pairs there is a lower lump sum contribution of 149.77 euros.

In the case of a registration with the National Health Service, a health card is issued which entitles the same benefits to which an Italian citizen can access. The free services are those that fall within the Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA) and for this reason, any service that falls outside this group is to be considered totally at the expense of the person. Of course, each LEA service must be prescribed by your general practitioner or return to an emergency regime.

The General Agency of Rome Parioli Liegi Generali Italia S.p.A. has made available to foreigners residing in Italy an insurance solution at a competitive cost to the registration fee to the NHS, offering coverage of urgent hospital services and health assistance package.

Furthermore, for foreign citizens permanently resident in Italy, Generali Italia offers an insurance solution in the event of hospitalization due to injury, surgery or illness.

For information on your health coverage, do not hesitate to contact Insurance Italy, a desk dedicated to foreign citizens of the General Agency of Rome Parioli Liegi Generali Italia S.p.A. at +39.06.3210214 or email