Extra UE: transition from university to the world of work

For students with a residence permit for study or training reasons, it is possible to do subordinate work for a maximum of 20 hours per week, cumulative for 52 weeks, with an annual limit of 1,040 hours, for the period of validity of the stay .

If the working hours are higher than the set limits, it is possible to request the conversion of the residence permit for study into one for work reasons even before the completion of the study path, if it is possible according to the quotas provided for in the Flow Decree. This rule is also valid for those who have completed a training course or a training internship.

The application must be submitted first to the Immigration Desk of the province of residence of the student and at the time of submission of the conversion application, the residence document must still be valid. To start the procedure, fill in the VA form that can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Subsequently, the Immigration Help Desk makes an appointment to check the documents and to sign the residence contract. At that time, the interested party must present in original and copy:

identity document and residence permit from which the conversion is requested;

identity document of the employer;

certificate of attendance to the course of study or certificate certifying the achievement of the qualification;

employment contract, signed by the employer only and the proposed residence contract for subordinate work;

Chamber of Commerce certificate and company income documentation;

• documentation regarding the accommodation and certificate of housing suitability;

revenue stamp from € 16.00.

The Immigration Help Desk verifies the existence of the requirements and, in the event of a positive outcome, delivers a copy of the residence contract signed by both parties and endorsed by the authority to both the employer and the interested party. In addition, it also releases the form already completed for the request for a residence permit for subordinate work to be sent to the police headquarters via the postal kit.

Lastly, the police headquarters issues the residence permit for subordinate work.

Finally, it should be remembered that only those who have completed a course of university studies in Italy, such as those listed below, will be able to obtain the conversion into a permit for subordinate work outside of the Flow quotas:

•Three-year degree;

• Two-year specialist degree;

• Master’s degree;

• Specialization diploma;

• University PhD;

• 1st level university Master;

• 2nd level university Master.