Social security check, what it is and to whom it for

The social security check is an economic benefit that the State provides to Italian and foreign citizens who are in economic difficulties, who cannot boast of the contributions useful for obtaining a pension and have reached a minimum age of 67. The amount changes every year based on economic indicators.

Every year, a check is made for the possession of the socio-economic requirements and the effective residence of the holders.

The amount of the check for 2021 is € 460.28 for 13 months. The income limit is € 5,983.64 per year and € 11,967.28 if the subject is married. This applies in case the income is null.

If the subject, married or unmarried, receives an income of less than the social security check, then the difference is paid to him.

This benefit is recognized to those who are in possession of Italian citizenship, or, alternatively, citizenship of a European country, if the applicant has registered in the registry office of the municipality of residence and to non-EU citizens in possession of an EC residence permit for long-term residents.

Another fundamental requirement for obtaining the social security check is to have effective, stable and continuous residence in Italy for at least 10 years. It is suspended if the holder stays abroad for more than 29 days and, in the event of suspension for more than a year, the service is revoked.

The application must be submitted to INPS accompanied by self-certification of residence, marital status and income situation.

The annual amount of the social security check set by the State also acts as a unit of measurement, as in the case of the assessment of the income of the non-EU citizen legally residing in Italy who applies for family reunification.