Visa Entry for Sports competitions

When we look at a sporting event – at home or in a stadium – perhaps we never think of the entire organization, even bureaucratic, that a team or sports group has to undertake to compete in a foreign country.

The Visa for sports competitions allows entry into Italy for a short period: to foreign athletes, to coaches, managers, athletic trainers and accompanying persons. The visa for sports competitions is valid both for individual competitions and for sporting events, and for both amateur and professional competitions.

For participation in competitions, an official communication from the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) or the Italian Sports Federation is required to confirm the notoriety of the competition and the participation of the athlete or sports group.

For individual members of the team or group, reference will always be made to the official lists of names presented by foreign sports federations or recognized foreign sports bodies, which must report the exact qualification of each of the components of the expedition.

The requirements for obtaining the Sports Race Visa are as follows:

– Have a return ticket

– Demonstrate having means of subsistence

– Having taken out a health insurance with a minimum coverage of € 30,000 for health costs due to emergencies

– Have an invitation from CONI or the competent Italian Sports Federation or the organizing body, certifying participation and requesting the issuance of the relevant Visa

– Demonstrate the availability of accommodation in Italy

– Present a Surety if you do not have the opportunity to prove that you have means of subsistence.

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