The domestic worker: some examples

European Union citizens enjoy the same rights as Italian citizens. For a period longer than three months they can stay in Italy on condition that they demonstrate that they can provide their own livelihood and that of their family members as workers and holders of health insurance. The worker who stays legally and continuously for five years in the national territory has the right to permanent residence and this right is also extended to minor children.

So if the working period is more than 90 days, in addition to the documents required for registration, no additional documents are required at the time of hiring.

In the event that it concerns the hiring of a non-EU domestic worker already residing in Italy, in addition to the documents normally valid, only a residence permit valid for work reasons or that allows the performance of work activities is required, namely:

for non-seasonal work reasons;

for family reasons;

for study reasons;

– for political asylum, humanitarian reasons, social protection.

The employment relationship can be temporary or indefinite.

In Italy, the hiring of minors in family services is allowed at the minimum age of 16 years old, provided that this hiring is compatible with the particular needs of protection of the health of the minor and does not entail violation of the compulsory schooling.

In this case the documentation to be delivered to the employer depends on the type of minor and specifically:

– for minors by the hour or by service, the simple written authorization of the person exercising parental authority is required;

– for minors under a cohabitation regime, a written declaration from the parents or whoever exercises family authority is required, endorsed by the Mayor of the Municipality of residence, with which it is agreed that the minor worker lives in the family of the employer;

– for all minors, however, a certificate of fitness to work must be requested, issued after the medical visit of the Health Officer, carried out at the expense and expense of the employer at the local ASL.