Is it possible to convert my residence permit?

To convert the type of residence permit that you already have, you must ask for the authorization to the Unique Immigration Desk of the prefecture responsible for the territory of residence of the foreigner and only after you can request the conversion to the police headquarters.

The condition for the conversion is that there are entrance fees provided for by the flows decree and that the residence permit held is valid.

The residence permit for study and training purposes is issued to non-EU citizens who want to attend a university study or training course in Italy following the issue of the appropriate study visa. This permit also allows you to carry out subordinate work, which must not exceed 20 cumulative weekly hours for 52 weeks up to a maximum of 1040 annual hours.

Upon expiry of the permit, the foreigner who has obtained a doctorate, second level university degree, three-year degree or specialist degree in Italy can be registered in the registry for a period not exceeding twelve months or request the conversion of the study permit into residence permit for subordinate or self-employment reasons if you meet the requirements for this type.

The residence permit for seasonal work can be converted into a residence permit for subordinate work for an indefinite period or with a contract of at least one year when:

• the foreigner has entered Italy for seasonal work for the second consecutive year and is in possession of a valid residence permit;

• the foreigner has entered Italy for seasonal work and, at the end of the first seasonal work period granted, is in possession of a valid residence permit.